Our designers have the unique ability to transform spaces into functional areas. They consider many factors to achieve the most suitable design, taking into account operation and maintenance space requirements, ease of access to equipment and storage, and general circulation, not to mention cleanliness and site consideration. 

We can supply the market with equipment that not only offers perfect solutions to today’s high requirements standards along with consistently good results. Therefore, we first understand the customer’s needs to provide the best solutions when applying these needs.


As a leading supplier company, we aspire to achieve our customer expectations in terms of quality, price, and timely delivery of all projects’ equipment needed. Equipment transacts tens of orders each year to different locations; hotels, factories, hospitals, restaurants, and cruise lines. 

We handle the best major manufacturers of Refrigeration, Cooking Preparation, Dishwashing, Storage Equipment, Laundry rooms, Washers, Dryers, Ironing Equipment, Hot water boilers, and steam boilers.


As well as being specialist suppliers of a very wide range of equipment, we also offer a full installation service from detailed planning and advice to removal and disposal of equipment, providing planned drawings of layouts and electromechanical network requirements as well. so our company provides all services of the installation process It’s essential to keep in mind that depending on the type of equipment, industry standards, local building codes, and instructions provided by the manufacturer, the specific steps and requirements for installing commercial machinery may vary considerably. To guarantee an easy installation process. 

Hiring qualified professionals with experience in the specific type of equipment you’re installing is crucial to ensure a successful installation process.

After Sale Service

All of our design, supply, and installation services are backed by a full after-sales & maintenance utility, Staffed by a team of professional and experienced engineers & technicians who are trained by our respective principles to provide comprehensive support. 

Providing effective after-sales service in kitchens and laundries is crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction, maintaining the proper functioning of equipment, and building long-term relationships. 

All Service Plans are subject to our terms and conditions.

This is intended to ensure that customers receive continued support and assistance even after the purchase has been completed. The aftermarket and service include services such as repairs, replacements, and maintenance of products and systems that the company has designed, supplied, and installed. This is intended to ensure that customers receive continued support and assistance even after the purchase has been completed. We seek to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, by providing continuous support and assistance to customers even after completing the purchase process.
We also have a technical support team working to serve you around the clock.


Custom Fabrication

Supply & Install

After Sale Service