We cover all equipment for food service, bakery, and pastry, starting from food preparation machines, going through cooking lines, and bakery and pastry equipment, taking into consideration different types of refrigeration and dishwashing appliances. The performance and quality standards in all these stages are set to match all applications and requirements.

What Al-Firoz Company offers in the field of kitchen equipment

Al-Firoz company provides kitchen equipment for restaurants and hospitals that require many important factors to ensure the provision of healthy and safe meals for consumers. Among these factors are:

- Choosing the appropriate equipment

- Proper training for workers

- Compliance with health and safety standards

Preparing cooking lines in restaurants and hospitals also involves using different types of refrigeration to keep food fresh and safe for consumption. Below are some different types of refrigeration that may be used in these places:

- Refrigerators and freezers - refrigerated carts are used to transport fresh food and frozen items from one location to another within the restaurant or hospital. These carts are available in different sizes and designs to meet customers' needs.

- Central refrigeration systems

- these are used in some large restaurants and hospitals to supply cooling to a wide range of equipment and appliances in the building. These devices are available in different sizes to suit the different needs of buildings.

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Every restaurant kitchen has a heart, and it is often the hotline. The hotline, comprising ovens, stove tops, and other hot cooking equipment, is crucial for ensuring efficient food preparation and timely delivery to customers. Whether a restaurant is big or small, the hotline should be designed with maximum efficiency in mind to ensure that food is served as quickly as possible.

Firoz covers all hotlines and steam cooking equipment which include 

1- Steam Cooking pot 

2- Fryers 

3- Gas Range 

4- Grills

5- Ovens 

6- pasta Cooker 

Advantages of Hotlines  

- The chassis is equipped for heavy-duty use.

- We made the body of stainless steel (inner-outer).

- The loaded feet are made of highly durable stainless steel.

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The refrigeration and freezing rooms industry is one of the vital industries in many fields, as large companies and facilities use these rooms to preserve their products in large quantities. The temperatures in the refrigeration and freezing rooms vary according to the type of product stored in them, and these rooms have many practical uses.

Al Firoz provides refrigerators of various types, high quality and highly durable, which include: 

  1. Display refrigerators are divided according to their shape into ( Upright refrigerators - Horizontal refrigerators ) 
  2. Refrigerators are divided according to the cooling unit ( internal cooling units - external cooling units ) 
  3. Refrigerators are divided according to purpose ( Cooling refrigerators - Freezing refrigerators - Rapid cooling refrigerators - cold rooms ) 

The structure of the refrigerator has many characteristics, as it is made of food-grade stainless steel, which makes it durable and gives it high resistance to rust. Also, the body of the refrigerator is made of antifungal materials, which keeps the food and drinks inside the refrigerator safe. Thanks to these characteristics, the refrigerator can be relied upon to maintain the quality of food and keep customers safe.

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preparation-equipment (1)

When outfitting your commercial kitchen, it is essential to purchase the best food preparation equipment available in the market. We offer an extensive line of food preparation equipment, including blenders, grinders, cutters, juicers, and french fries cutters, as well as many other great tools. We have a comprehensive range of equipment that can meet your commercial kitchen needs with efficiency and quality.
What Al-Firoz Company offers in Food Preparation equipment
We cover all equipment for food service, bakery, and pastry, starting with food preparation machines, as we provide all-year-round cooking equipment with high quality and durability such as :
Vegetable Cutter
meat slicer
semi-automatic espresso machine
1. Meat mincer
2. Deep Fryer
3. Floor mixer
4. Stand Mixer
5. Hand Mixer
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Choosing good interior kitchen accessories gives the kitchen functionality and comfort, regardless of the type of kitchen.

Al-Firoz Company provides some Customized Neutrals, which include  : 

- Drains 

- Work Tables ( made of stainless steel with high quality ) 

- Shelving Units 

- Ventilation Hood 

- Sink Unit 

- Kitchen and services Trolley 

All Of This is made of Stainless steel high quality and highly durable with the best prices.

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