Our main goal is to provide high-quality washing, drying, ironing, finishing, and dry-cleaning equipment and machines for optimal use at a competitive cost and with guaranteed durability. Technology is constantly being innovated in our comprehensive range to provide the latest and most reliable equipment with minimal energy and water consumption.

What Al-Firoz Company offers in equipping facilities with laundry equipment

Al-Firoz company provides establishments with laundry equipment. Here are some important tips for equipping establishments with this equipment:

- Choosing the appropriate equipment

- Regular maintenance

- Using the appropriate detergents

- Controlling temperature and humidity levels.

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The Optimum Dryer is essential in laundry for hospitals and hotels. This machine is characterized by the ability to work in an integrated manner with a regular washing machine or an industrial washing machine, and it is characterized by its large door that facilitates the feeding of fabrics in and out, and the door also features a transparent tempered glass through which the drying process can be monitored. The machine adopts a high-power heater to ensure the safe and effective drying of fabrics.

Features of dryers in Al-Firoz : 

- Clothes dryer.

- Stainless steel barrel and frame made of high-quality plate.

- High efficiency, low consumption, low noise, and safety.

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Finishing work includes a flat iron used to iron large pieces of fabric and relies on heat, pressure, and steam to achieve this purpose and thus facilitates the process of stretching and ironing.

Al Firoz offers flat irons and wall irons as their feature: 

- Increased Productivity

- Consistent Results

- Reduced Labor Costs

- Improved Fabric Quality

- The machines feature modern systems such as the Efficient Iron, which provides control over the humidity level and enhances the energy efficiency of the machine. It allows users to reduce energy consumption while maintaining high machine performance.

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Laundry is one of the most resource-hungry departments in hotels and hospitals, as it requires large amounts of water, energy, and time daily. Keeping all linens, sheets, and towels clean requires an ongoing and expensive process. Therefore, necessary precautions must be taken to improve the efficiency of using natural resources and reduce operating costs, while maintaining the high level of quality and cleanliness required in the hotel and hospital industry.
Al Firoz provides the best types of washing machines, which include:
- LG WM3998HBA
- LG WM3488HW
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