About us

Firoz is a specialized company in Analyzing, Designing, supplying,

and installing commercial equipment that is used for :

  • KITCHENS (food cooking, food preparation, food refrigeration, bakery, pastry).
  • HEATING SOLUTIONS (hot water boilers, steam boilers, solar systems, underfloor, heating, radiators).
  • 30 Yrs of experience; we can and we have the required experience in Hospitality Business Know-how; Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Education Engineering Mentality; Maintenance & installation team.

Customized Solutions :

  • We CAN DO IT Research & Development
  • Pioneers Quality & Certification
  • Financial Quality VS Price & Stability

Firoz’s wealth of experience, technical capability, and partners can provide the market with equipment that not only offers ideal solutions to today’s high standard of requirements along with consistently good results but does so whilst retaining the very best in quality.

Our Vision :

To be a leading firm in providing an optimum integrated engineering solution to Egypt and international markets in this business.

Our Mission :

As a leader in this business, we commit to deliver the best service s and products that match the customer needs with highest quality and best price which adds value to customers’ project granting long term business relationship , while applying ethical business practices and maximizing the rate of return on investment.

Founder’s Message

Today, Firoz Trading and Engineering company, with young and professional management and a large pool of experienced employees trained to a high standard, is well-equipped and ready to offer a complete range of specialized services.

As Firoz is well-known in Egypt for functionality excellence of design, engineering, project completion dependability, and high-quality after-sales service. Over the years we have successfully accomplished over 1,000 projects of different sizes for various applications from restaurants and hospitals to complex 5 Stars Hotels projects.

I am confident that with your continued support and commitment, we will achieve greater heights in the years ahead when I present the rising challenges we always face as we have done before.

The Company ensures that friendly relations with employees are maintained at all levels. We consider our employees as a precious workforce and we always create an atmosphere of appreciation, respect, and gratitude.

We will go on to advance the technologies and quality of our products and services and to hunt for ways to introduce a wider range of products to meet our customers’ needs. Given the strength of our leading position in the market, with an inclusive product portfolio, highly regarded brand names, and a concrete customer base.

Our Partners