Firoz is a specialized company in Analyzing that is used for
Supplying And Installing of Commercial Equipment

About EL Firoz

Firoz is a specialized company in Analyzing, Designing, supplying, and installing commercial equipment that is used for :

  • KITCHENS (food cooking, food preparation, food refrigeration, bakery, pastry).


  • HEATING SOLUTIONS (hot water boilers, steam boilers, solar systems, underfloor, heating, radiators).

30 Yrs of experience; we can and we have the required experience in Hospitality Business Know-how; Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Education Engineering Mentality; Maintenance & installation team. 


Heating Solutions

Heating Solutions for Residential and Commercial Buildings

We specialize in providing smart decisions through quality service and sales for residential heating solutions through different types of systems, such as solar systems and domestic hot water heating, radiators and towel warmers, and underfloor heating. Solar energy systems and customized DHW solutions are also available for residential and commercial applications.

"Residential and Commercial" heating solutions provided by Al Firoz Company

Al-Firoz company provides heating solutions for residential and commercial buildings


We cover all equipment for food service, bakery, and pastry, starting from food preparation machines, going through cooking lines, and bakery and pastry equipment, taking into consideration different types of refrigeration and dishwashing appliances. The performance and quality standards in all these stages are set to match all applications and requirements.

What Al-Firoz Company offers in the field of kitchen equipment

Al-Firoz company provides kitchen equipment for restaurants and hospitals that require many important factors to ensure the provision of healthy and safe meals for consumers.


Our main goal is to provide high-quality washing, drying, ironing, finishing, and dry-cleaning equipment and machines for optimal use at a competitive cost and with guaranteed durability. Technology is constantly being innovated in our comprehensive range to provide the latest and most reliable equipment with minimal energy and water consumption.

What Al-Firoz Company offers in equipping facilities with laundry equipment

Al-Firoz company provides establishments with laundry equipment.



Consultation & Design

Our designers have the unique ability to transform spaces to functional area. They take into account numerous factors to attain the most fitting layout, considering the operation & maintenance space requirements, ease of equipment & storage accessibility.

Custom Fabrication

As a leading supplier company, we aspire to achieve our customer expectations in terms of quality, price and timely delivery of all projects’ equipment needed. Equipment transact tens of orders each year to different locations; hotels, factories, hospitals, restaurants, cruise lines , etc..

Supply & Install

As well as being specialist suppliers of a very wide range of equipment , we also offer a full installation service from detailed planning and advice to removal and disposal of equipment, providing planned drawings of layouts and electromechanical networks requirements as well.

After Sale Service

All of our design, supply and installation services are backed by a full after sales & maintenance utility, Staffed by a team of professional and experienced engineers & technicians who are trained by our respective principles to provide comprehensive support.

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