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Heating Solutions for Residential and Commercial Buildings

We specialize in providing smart decisions through quality service and sales for residential heating solutions through different types of systems, such as solar systems and domestic hot water heating, radiators and towel warmers, and underfloor heating. Solar energy systems and customized DHW solutions are also available for residential and commercial applications.

"Residential and Commercial" heating solutions provided by Al Firoz Company

Al-Firoz company provides heating solutions for residential and commercial buildings, including:

- Central heating
- Individual heating, which consists of separate heating units in each room or part of the building
- Electric heating
- Gas heating
- Solar heating
- Hot water underfloor heating, which involves installing pipes in the floor under the floor covering and heating these pipes to warm the floor and distribute heat throughout the building.

It is important to choose the appropriate heating solutions according to the available budget and the needs of the place and to ensure the quality, safety, efficiency, and maintenance of the equipment. It is also necessary to comply with the appropriate safety and environmental standards and regulations when installing and using heating solutions.

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The central heating solutions we offer are high-quality engineered boiler systems.

Our comprehensive range is used in various applications, including high-efficiency oil and gas boilers, control devices, domestic hot water tanks, and system components that are reputed for exceptional operation and maintenance.

Al- Firoz provides two types of central heating Systems  

- Hot water Heating System.

- Steam Heating System.

What does Al-Firoz Company offer in supplying facilities with boilers? 

Al-Firoz company provides establishments with oil and gas boilers, which require compliance with the necessary health and safety standards and following appropriate safety procedures.

Among the tips that should be taken into consideration when equipping establishments with these boilers are:

- Complying with health and safety standards.

- Choosing the appropriate boiler that suits the size and needs of the establishment

- Regular maintenance of the boilers

- Controlling the boiler temperature

- Controlling the boiler pressure.

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The heat exchanger is widely used in various facilities, be it production or exchange facilities, to transfer heat from one medium to another efficiently. The heat exchanger is designed for maximum heat transfer efficiency, which helps save energy and improve facility performance.

Features of heat exchangers provided by Al Firoz

- Stable and reliable structure

- Strong adaptability

- High efficiency

- Convenient maintenance

- Strong corrosion resistance

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A pump is a mechanical device used to move different liquids from one place to another using mechanical power. It serves to transfer the fluid from a low-pressure area to a high-pressure area, where the liquid is lifted from a low level to a high level and transported to the exact point required. The pump is a hydraulic device based on converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy to move the fluid in the specified system.

Types of pumps provided by Al Firoz

Dynamic pumps:

- Centrifugal pumps

- Vertical centrifugal pumps

- Horizontal centrifugal pumps

- Submersible pumps

- Fire hydrant system

Positive displacement pumps:

- Diaphragm pumps

- Gear pumps

- Peristaltic pumps

- Cam pumps

- Piston pumps

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A water tank is a container for storing water. They are used to provide storage of water for use in many applications.

What Al-Firoz offers in the field of water tanks

Al-Firoz offers multiple options of water and tanks, including polyethylene tanks, one of the best brands available in Egypt. The polyethylene that is used in the manufacture of these tanks is authorized by the European Union, the American Food and Drug Administration, and the National Research Center. This confirms its quality and safety for storing potable water, chemicals, and petroleum materials.

Advantages of water tanks

- Stainless steel tanks are characterized by the fact that the material used in their manufacture is characterized by its ability to reflect heat and light

- It is made of iron and steel material that is not affected by rust or corrosion, which helps keep the water inside it clean for a long time.

- These tanks are also characterized by their ability to insulate, keeping the water inside them cool throughout the period, thanks to their ability to reflect light.

- Stainless steel tanks are also available in different sizes and dimensions to meet the required service requirements with the highest quality.

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